New way to pay:

We’ve added a new way to pay. Just go to and you can send any amount you like with the click of a button. It’s perfect for when you’re on the road and need to send a quick deposit or payment.

We also offer the following methods of payment.

Billy Fann Creative – Agency & Shop Style Billing

A La Carte Web Shop – If you order through our web shop, you’ll be prompted for payment when your order is placed. All transactions are secure. – If you need to send payment, this payment method works great. Use it for paying deposits, balances, sending tips ;), or anything else. Just enter the amount you want to pay and tell us why you’re sending it. We’ll make sure it gets applied to the right invoice.

Invoice – We invoice many of our ongoing clients. Invoicing usually involves paying a deposit when the order is placed and the balance upon approval, OR involves ongoing billing for services such as marketing or advertising.

Billyfann DIY

Packages, domain and hosting are set up and billed through Billyfann DIY. You’ll be prompted for payment when you order the service. All transactions are secure. Basically, you run your own account and billing is automatic. We offer a variety of payment methods on the checkout page.

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