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Billy Fann Creative provides creative business solutions in the design and marketing field: marketing, SEO, website design, branding, logo design, graphics, training, and writing.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: Win for our clients. We know you measure success in customer acquisition and profit. Our experience improves your bottom line and gets you faster results. Take a product to market, drive paying customers to your website, and solve business problems with Billy Fann Creative.

Your brand is the way you are perceived. On one level your brand is your logo design and the visual look you have. On another level, your brand is your website design, writing content, and video. At the most basic level, your brand is what people think when they hear your name.

A great brand sells product and moves mountains. To create a great brand, you need marketing, graphic design, writers, video editors and someone to keep things moving toward your goals.

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5 Things Your Website Must Do

Great websites have a clear goal, and they steadily move new business toward that goal. Some sites aim to sell a product, while other sites collect or disseminate information. No matter what the site's main goal, a customer-centric approach is the way to make your website a winner. We generally start by understanding our client's end user. Ultimately, a great experience for the end user is the biggest factor in getting repeat visitors.

Outside of the big goal, there are several other things that a website must do to be successful. Here's a brief list:

1. Clearly defined menu or navigation
2. Clearly defined path for the end user that guides them through the process.
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- this is how you get search engines like google to send more users to you. SEO is stronger than advertising in my opinion.
4. Site speed -- Many users leave a website before it loads. Speeding a site up improves it's rank with Google as well.
5. Video that is also on Youtube. A video with proper SEO will take you closer to the top of the search engine page. Videos also keep users on your site longer and better explain your message.

What do we need to get started?

We'll complete a client-onboard session where we listen to your thoughts and what you've tried so far. Once we understand your goals, we're ready to start. We need a logo and/or relevant creative assets like video, photos, and text. If you don't have existing assets, we can create them.

We will also need answers to the following questions:

1. Who is your customer? We'll create a buyer persona -- a description of your ideal customer and target market.
2. What do you want your customer to do? Usually you'll want them to subscribe, enter a sales funnel, or make a purchase.
3. What's your company's personality? The way people view you matters. We want to be consistent with your brand, or help you pivot to the new brand you want.
4. What are your goals? Great businesses have a target.
5. How do you define a win and measure success? Great businesses move forward. To move forward, we have to be able to measure results.


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