Small Business Website Design & SEO

Consumers often check a product site or review before buying. They choose online ordering with easy shipping rather than drive to the store. Capture and reach your online market. Great small business website design means paying attention to your customer's experience. After launch, we can drive traffic to your site and keep it up to date.

First site? Upgrading a current site? Launching a new product? Looking for more web traffic? Solid small business website design gets your idea off to a running start. We work hard & we work smart to make sure you're stronger than your competition. 20+ years experience in the web service industry.

Keep in touch with your customers and sell online. With a customer-driven website design, you'll be able to interact, follow trends, and survey your customers to find out what they want.  Join hundreds of clients in getting our award-winning graphics – at a price that's competitive. 


Domain & Hosting

First year domain & hosting included. Choose from domain names from .com, .tv, .net, .edu & .us. Already have your domain name? We can use it. 

Small Business Website Design Planning

We're eager to put our 20+ years of web design & marketing experience to work for you. But first, we need to understand what you want. We'll meet via phone, email, or Skype to ensure personal attention. 

Social Media

We'll create a Facebook page for you, along with 3 other social media platforms of your choosing. Includes header graphics, profile image, and setup of the initial account (if you need it). 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how search engines guide customers to you. We'll help you pick 3 SEO phrases for your product. Then we'll create the content that grabs a search engine's attention – ensuring organic web traffic. 

Custom Graphic Design

Great looking graphics help your customers know you mean business. Often you have an idea of what you like, but need a little guidance. Maybe you need a lot of guidance. Either way, personal attention to detail makes sure your web design suits your business or product. 

Web store

Your easy to use store can be connected to Paypal (or many other card processors) for online sales. Tracks customer history, mailing lists, product ratings, reviews, and connects to social media. Your store can sell real products, virtual downloads, and offer discounts through coupons. Many more features...

Big Ideas & Big Site

Did you notice that there were no page limits? That's because you can grow your page indefinitely. It's easy to add pages in the future. You may even want to add a few pages or products yourself. 

Credit Card Processing

You'll be able to accept credit cards online. Easy integration with Paypal, Stripe, and many other processors. Automatic processing of orders. You get an email and know money is in the bank along with what to ship.  

Free Training & Support

After we build your site, we'll teach you how to use it. 


Startup website design from includes hosting, design, SEO & more!

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