top 7 web design mistakes

Top 7 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

A recent Forbes Magazine article written by (Ilya Pozin) points to the top 7 rookie web design mistakes. Ilya points out that “as a small business, your website is a vital piece of your marketing and branding efforts. Visitors are coming to your website for a specific reason, and you want to ensure that you […]

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Be More Creative in 5 Minutes

It isn’t hard to be more creative. “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ~Dr. Seuss Be more creative with Creative Problem Solving – 5 minutes to 50 ideas. When I teach a class or creativity workshop, I lead a lesson on generating the perfect slogan for a billboard or t-shirt. I begin by […]

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9 Ways to Improve Writing

Improve writing and get a better response. 1. Be Interesting If you’re looking for ways to improve writing quality, we have compiled a few. Your reader shouldn’t fall asleep. Either learn to use words well, or learn to tell a story. At best, you will learn to do both. If you have trouble with writing […]

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures to motivate a person toward an objective. Eye catching graphic design. Functionality. Beauty of form. A call to action. Great graphic design must serve your purpose. It isn’t enough to be pretty; your customer must understand your message. Are you ready to make […]

Choosing a good domain name

Choosing a Domain Name & Using A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be challenging. Good domain names are easy to remember, and they often tell the user exactly what the product is. They may even contain keywords. There are a lot of good choices for your domain name. Sometimes you find the perfect domain easily. Other times it seems like every possible […]

Getting Website Hits Started

Getting website hits can be as simple as running the right advertising & managing your search engine optimization a little better. Think like your consumer. Target your marketing efforts and get better results without spending a lot of cash. Stumped with getting website hits? Lots of people can build a website, but can they get […]

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SEO, Great Graphics, Mobile Sites, PHP, Databases and the other fun stuff… Graphic design, branding, search engine optimization, web site development, creating the energy and buzz for success… that’s us. You know the person that can do everything? No matter what you need, they can help? We’re not that person. We are very good at a […]

Web Design & Development

Is this your first site? Are you just looking to upgrade your current site? Billy Fann Creative offers award-winning, professional web design and custom attention to quality – at a price that’s competitive.  The Web is the fastest growing form of all media. From the Internet’s limitless knowledge to its vast mobility, customers are looking […]

Social Media

Social Media is the fastest growing marketing technique online. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn create a new way to generate buzz for your site. Social media is quickly rising to the top of all advertising avenues. Billy Fann Creative specializes in Social Media Integration & Social Media Advertising, customization and marketing. Each site we […]


Branding is your entire perceptual image… as a potential customer sees it. Your brand is a way of identifying your business. It’s how customers recognize and experience your business or product. Building a strong brand is more than just a logo; it’s reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and […]