Choosing and Using A Domain Name

Choosing a good domain nameThere are a lot of good choices for domain names. Sometimes you find the perfect one easily. Other times it seems like every possible iteration is taken. Here are a few tips for making a good choice:

1. Pick a few names. Domain names are cheap – usually well under $15 per year. You should plan to pick at least a few and as many as you can afford. Choose variations, misspellings and keywords to put together your selection. The extra names will be pointed to your main website.

2. Lock in a version of your business name. As your brand becomes more and more recognizable, that’s what John Q. Customer will be looking for in search engines like Google and Bing. You should always have a version of your compay’s name (as close as possible to what people call you).

3. Use keywords. Anticipate what your potential customers will type into a search engine. Keywords found in a domain name will help you rise to the top in search engines. Consider an end-user looking for chicken feed in Knoxville. When the user goes to a search engine, most likely they will type in something like, “knoxville chicken feed” or “chicken feed in knoxville.” If you happen to own, you will have an automatic leg up in the results. The search engines will give you extra weight for having two keywords in the domain name.

4. Pick something memorable. How many times have you wanted to go to a website later, but not been able to remember the domain name? Shorter is better. Catchy or clever is a winner. Also, make sure the words are easy to spell and say. I chose, because I thought people would be able to remember the name.

5. Use variations. If there is a common misspelling, get that domain too. Take a tip from search engine giant who also owns

A domain name doesn’t have to be over thought. If you’ll follow these 5 tips, you will not only be able to pick winning domain name combinations, but you’ll be able to use your domain names to their best potential, too.

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